Friday, December 29, 2006

Donald Dick

The time has come to take a stand. In this feud between Rosie and the Don, I must point out that at least Rosie has used her wit. Donald has pretty much been going "Neener neener neener".
Donald has proven that class, much like the elusive folicle, is something that simply can not be purchased.

You can buy women, but you can't buy character.

You also can't buy taste.
Have you seen his cribs?They look like Liberace's stylist had an epileptic fit. They shreak "Look, here's some gold! Can you see I'm rich??? Look here's marble, can you tell how rich I am??? Here's my synthetic wife, have you noticed that I'm rich?"

Of course he's a man of discriminating taste. He thinks Angelina Jolie is unnatractive but Paris Hilton is "extremely attractive". He's also a big fan of Kevin Federline.
Oh yeah, he's a class act.


Anonymous said...

Can't stand the man!
Arrogant dick!He's acting like a school yard bully!
What a wimp!Grow the f**k up.

Rotundra said...

I hear ya! And I coudn't agree more!
And While you're at it Mr. Comeover, stop sucking on that lemmon!

Anonymous said...

I know, he is always puckering his lips...probably has them ready to kiss the next persons ass that will help him make more money. He's a dweeb!

Nytok (Alan Ivie) said...

Most people of higher places think less than desirable thoughts of him as well. Rosie, well, most think she is great and not afraid to say it like it is.