Sunday, December 17, 2006

But I DO Believe

I just don't believe in religion. While I understand that the essence of faith is to believe in something that cannot be proven and that the LEAP of faith is a beautiful thing, it is also very harmful. I believe religion is the deadliest poison on this planet but I do believe in God. I need not take a leap of faith to do so. I believe that a higher intelligence is present at all times and it's evidence can be seen. If it helps to envision this energy as some bearded guy answering your prayers, go ahead, have at it. just don't hurt others who disagree. I see God in Quantum physics. At a sub atomic level, particles are influenced by our thoughts (prayer) Magic is real, we just need to rise above our ego driven selves.

Here is an example of what gives me goosebumps and lets me know that there is a God.

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