Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday School

Awright Kiddies!
It's Sunday, time for your brainwashing! Cleanse that brain, make it shiny clean and perfectly empty so that you may receive your weekly dose of religious bullshit. That's right, fill your head up with doody! It's good for you! AND it's good for the country! Our military enterprises would go bankrupt were it not for religion. After all, religion is the cause of most wars. Without religion, we might not have any wars, THEN WHAT would we do? Why that would be just awful for our career soldiers. SO keep that hate flowing! Go buy a new bible today! Don't be confused when that bible contradicts itself, just pick the most hateful truth and that is the one that is sure to be God's will. Remember, above all, that God will never answer your prayers unless you give him lots of money!!!

Now here is a most inspiring man. I believe the Lord is speaking directly through him. Praise God!

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Dave Daniels said...

Bottom line....Jesus Christ is Lord!