Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Enigmatic Elephuck

Have you seen me?
My friend, Jeanna took this photo after I told her about this mysterious creature. In So CA, I see it often. I first noticed it when  my son was small enough to ride these little coin operated kiddie rides. You can see them outside groceries stores and such, many have three horses and appear quite normal but some have two horses and this strange creature. When my son was four, I gave him a ride on one. I said "What is this strange half elephant, half duck creature?" Without missing a beat he replied "It's a elephuck."

So I have been wondering just what the manufacturers had in mind. I've looked up mythical creatures and kiddie ride manufacturers. So far I've had no luck but I can assure you that now that I have pointed him out to you, you will begin to see him.

You will see him EVERYWHERE.

And when you do, please take a picture and post it here.

Together, we can figure out the mystery behind this strange and wondrous creature.