Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What Broke My Spirit

So why am I now fat and lazy and bored and have dented body parts?
Wasn't I tremendously fit just two years ago?

In the first place I lost weight while smoking.
Quitting cigarettes is a request for at least 15 pounds. I got the two for one deal, I gained thirty.

I foolishly decided to take life by the shirt cuff. I wanted everyting. I wanted success and in order to achieve this I needed to be in shape.
I worked it..I got there...well almost, not good enough for MY standards. but I could look in a mirror and like what I saw.
I could look at photos of me and like them too.

But I lost it..er I gained it..I gained it all back.
Well there is the obvious, quitting smoking.
Yes I quit having "smokey treats" - Cigarettes.
But mostly it was the emotional crap that drove me straight to Taco Bell.

My parents died
and they took a long time doing it.

While this was sad enough to pack the pounds on me... It wasn't without it's funny points. THAT is the good thing I got from the experience..
There is laughter...EVERYWHERE

Monday, February 20, 2006

OK I Get It

I hate when things are so simple! That ALWAYS confuses me! Thanks Baby Jewels! You are a gem!
OK is THIS how I make a new post?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Look Ma, I Made a Blog!

For some reason the idea of a blog has been appealing to me. I decided I wanted one so I've sat myself down and made myself do it. I wanted to get this far before my trip to Banning. Why Banning? Why not? It's such an elegant town. Actually, it is because I own half a house there. Our parents died and left my sister and me their house. It has been empty for two years and still not cleared out enough to rent it out. We hope to rent it furnished to save us the burden of getting rid of the furniture. So all we have to do is get the personal effects out of there. Why does this take two years? Because my sister is sentimental and I am a stone cold heartless bitch. Just ask my manager that I recently fired after 14 years. He will definitely concur. I say we should get an estate seller in there and gut the place if it can't be rented furnished but this only redefines me as a person with no regard for memories and a despicable lack of desire for living in the past.

I have recently adopted the philosophy "When in doubt, throw it out" I'm getting good at that, at least when it comes to other people's stuff. When it comes to various Happy Meal toys, packaging with bad Engrish, pop bottles, Hello Kitty items and many other useless collections, I become Gollum, "My PRECIOUS!" In a quick move to get my son's play room cleared up enough for his new drum kit, I threw away so many of his toys that he would have cried and hung on to. When he'd leave the room I would bag them. He has never ever missed any of these things since. This new attitude however, has done little for the state of my house which is just a wreck. I am no housekeeper but I need to try.

My goals are to keep the house in order and lose 35 pounds. Oh yeah, it would be nice to have a job too. You, the reader, can enjoy my FASCINATING odyssey of trying to accomplish these things.

Now I must be on my way to the library, I have to have a book on tape for the 2+ hour drive to and from.