Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What Broke My Spirit

So why am I now fat and lazy and bored and have dented body parts?
Wasn't I tremendously fit just two years ago?

In the first place I lost weight while smoking.
Quitting cigarettes is a request for at least 15 pounds. I got the two for one deal, I gained thirty.

I foolishly decided to take life by the shirt cuff. I wanted everyting. I wanted success and in order to achieve this I needed to be in shape.
I worked it..I got there...well almost, not good enough for MY standards. but I could look in a mirror and like what I saw.
I could look at photos of me and like them too.

But I lost it..er I gained it..I gained it all back.
Well there is the obvious, quitting smoking.
Yes I quit having "smokey treats" - Cigarettes.
But mostly it was the emotional crap that drove me straight to Taco Bell.

My parents died
and they took a long time doing it.

While this was sad enough to pack the pounds on me... It wasn't without it's funny points. THAT is the good thing I got from the experience..
There is laughter...EVERYWHERE


babyjewels said...

I'm sorry about your folks and I totally understand emotional eating. I went from super fit to worst weight/health ever after my pregnancy and then more so after my miscarriage. I'm finally getting back to my "real" self.

I think you're a great writer, btw.

Rotundra said...

Jewels HI! I didn't know you'd been here. Obviously I've not been very good about checking in on things. Maybe this is why my Chia pets always die.
BTW, you and TinaPopo make me feel illiterate!

Rotundra said...

Doh! I'm so insensitive (that happens from riding horses) I'm very sorry about your miscarriage! Emotional eating is it's own cell and jailer! May I recomend that anyone with weight to lose visit hungrygirl.com. She prints up daily practical advice and her food reviews are invaluable. Of course all the advice in the world won't make you thin. For that you need a lobotomy.