Sunday, December 24, 2006

After the Party

We had a birthday party for the Christ puppy, Trevor. He was born on Christmas Eve so it's a good excuse for having a Christmas party and if I call it a dog party, people won't expect as much. It went well but I have so much wine and beer left over. The wine I can take to other parties but nobody drank a single beer and I got two cases. I must get it through my head that I'm an old fart now and so are my friends, the days of "keggers" are over. I am investigating the other uses for beer. So far I have found that it is a good hair rinse, a tenderizing marinade and an efective snail killer.

Oddly enough when everyone was gone, I found the book "the Secret Life of Water" on my coffee table. My sister and I had been interested in the experiments that had been done that I mentioned in a previous blog. This is where I start believeing in a higher power, on the sub atomic level. My sister works at the library and had tried to order the book but it was at some other library and would take a week or two to get. Suddenly one of her co-workers who had also seen the movie featuring the experiments said "Hey Diane, do you believe in quantum physics? Do you believe that something can be in two places at once?" With that she held up the book which had just come in from some other place. Very strange, so I figured that Diane had just brought it with her to show me but no. We still don't know who left it behind... did anybody? Was it Santa? I suppose this is "a sign" I'd better put on my strong glasses and get reading!


Anonymous said...

I dig the rubix cube on the counter.

Bix Gomez said...

Looks like 2/3 of a rubix cube... I do believe in quantum physics, but this seems unexplainable.

Anonymous said...

The cheeseball was so delicious and Trevor didn't burp when he greeted me...amazing!
What about the snacks from Trader Joe's that you
put in the microwave to thaw out for a bit and they ended up melting?
LOL! : )Was the best "dog" birthday party I'd ever been to considering it was my first! A shout out goes to Trevor..."Ruff-Ruff"

Anonymous said...

thats right that is only 2/3 of a Rubix cube. What happened to the other 1/3?

Anonymous said...

But then again me thinks the other 1/3 is hidden by the plate in front of it. I think the mystery is now solved.

Rotundra said...

No, that was a Rubick's CHEESE cube. the bottom third (as all knows is the tenderest part) was consumed by my sister at least a day before the party.