Sunday, December 17, 2006

Curious George and The Bible

And if you doubt that religion is stupid, just look at those who believe in it. George believes that God wanted him to be president... I'm sorry but if I were inclined to believe in mythology, I would say that it was the devil that gave him this position. The man is a far worse terrorist than Osama. What makes him any different in killing for his beliefs than the guys that flew planes into the twin towers?
Absolutely NOTHING!
Please understand that when I criticize the ...president (choke, cough, sputter)I am criticising the administration. Poor George isn't smart enough to destroy this country single handedly, he's just the patsy. Still, it is utterly amazing to me that people can listen to this freak and believe that he has any more sense than a proboscis monkey. Unbelievable! You can't say Fundamental without the word "mental". George w. believes that anybody who doesn't buy into the Jesus thing is going to Hell. That's scary! It's scary that somebody who is that insane would be put in a position of power. But there's lots of crazy folk out there. There are people who are perfectly sane and intelligent who are devout in their beliefs that make no sense whatsoever. When focused on their faith, it's as if their brains know to run and hide and wait until the desire to reason returns. These poor little brains have been beaten for their unwillingness to believe in fairy tales and know when to retreat.
People, in general, are not really that stupid. Stewart Copeland expressed it best on an episode of "Politically incorrect" when he pointed out that our bible is just as nutty as the Quran but the beauty of this country is that we don't REALLY believe in our religion.

Keep the (lack of) Faith!

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