Thursday, January 04, 2007

Harm Is In Us

I have a problem with this.

Killing as an act of self defence, an act of war, an act of desperation makes some kind of evil sense.

I know he deserved it, but how can we coldly, cooly and colectedly end a man's life? Death is a necessary evil as part of this mortal coil. Anger, hunger fear precede such acts of genocide. To kill one's own kind should be a last resort. To calmly, deliberately execute.. an execution seems like the ultimate evil. When he woke up did he plan to wear those clothes as the clothes he woud die in? Does anybody feel justice here or just the stench of more blood shed

Animalistic behavior has to end at some point...once we have calmed down don't we rise above these urges?

And to all my beloved animal friends, I am so sorry for comparing you to humans. What an insult!


Tegan said...

I couldn't have put it better myself!

This whole thing makes me sick, sure the guy was an evil dictator, but still a human being at the end of the day and doesn't really deserve to have video's and pictures of his death posted all over the internet and shown on TV. ~_~

Oh and by the way, do you still play WoW? :D Warcrack has taken much of my life away as i have 5 level 60's now. :P

Rotundra said...

I am now in my second month of WoW withdrawel. I got a email from Blizzard saying that my account was in need of renewing.

My family (including my son)feels that I need to get away from this obsession. I'm inclined to agree with them but I simply can't destroy my lovely "Cowboy". Borat must live! He is so cute! The way he waves his tail, shakes the fleas off and scratches himself. (Just like the guys I date!)

Besides I haven't leveled him! Oh sure, I have other chars...quite a few. Seems Blizzard thinks I hit my max.

I made a lot of characters to create a "Suicide Sculpture".

I was really frustrated one day and just decided to fling myself off the Towers of Thunderbluff.

In a very morbid way, I rather enjoyed the act.
I liked how my character landed right on the walkway to the lifts so that everyone would have to walk over him.

Long story short... I kept making more characters to throw on this pile. They had names like "Ooops", "Me fall Down", "I Slipped"......

Send me your email, I'll send you screenies.