Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sorry, this blogger's got some kind of flu.
I been real sick.
Feeling lots better now.
Sorry I've been silent!
I'm just starting to get feed back from cool new friends! I love you guys. Thanks for shaking spiritual hands with me. It means a lot!
Sorry I've been so sick.
Actually it's probably worse than a flu. With any luck, it's just menopause.

My darling little Tabitha is in heat. Tabitha is my extra tiny cat. Trevor is my large male dog (Golden Retriever) I have a male cat too. His name is Ryan and I guess he's just not very attractive, she chose the dog.
Oh how I enjoy watching her and Trevor trying to copulate.

It assures me that there is another female on this planet that is having an even harder time than I am in getting laid.


Monster A Go-Go said...

Are you going to take more video of Trevor and Tabitha going at it? SHOCKING! Isn't that considered KITTY PORN!!?

Rotundra said...

Total Kitty Porn!
Who doesn't like good pussy?

Monster A Go-Go said...

Me-OOOOW! Or, in Trevor's case, should I have said "WOOF!!"?