Friday, January 19, 2007

End of a Dream

I have come to the realization that I have turned into a "Stage Mom"
I have relentlessly been trying to turn my son into a rock star.

What is the point of parenting if you don't try to force your kid into your failed dreams??

"What is that you're doing? HOMEWORK? You stop that now and go into the garage and jam with your buddies!
Dammit, I didn't buy you an Ibanez so that you could do Algebra!

Now Go to your studio! Don't come out until you have a demo!"

But I came face to face with the insanity. I called my son's guitar teacher to tell him that we will be ending the lessons (BTW His teacher is one of the most endearing people I have ever encountered - super cute too!) But it's time to realize that the kid just ain't hacking it.

Really hard for me to take because I KNOW he has the talent but he's mesmerised with the game "Guitar Hero".

Thank you Greg for turning him on to that...

Oh wait a minute, I'M the one who bought the playstation and the game.


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