Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Such a Big Girl

I went to a movie all by myself!
I simply couldn't let any more time pass without seeing my beloved Borat. I had promised to go with four different people.
Who to go with? It made my mind all a jumble!
I decide I go with ME!
Be a big brave girl! Go to a movie by yourself! It will be dark in the theater, nobody can see what a miserable lonely fuck you are.

The movie was what I knew it would be. Sacha is my hero
the film was even better than I expected. Make many million dollar my Kazakhe Sweetheart!

But there is a reason for not going to the theater by yourself:
There is nobody else to help you remember where you parked your car.
I spent more time in the parking lot than I did in the movie!
I got to the point where I was whistling and calling my car.
But my car is not just old, smelly and purple,
it is stupid and doesn't know it's name.

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