Friday, November 17, 2006

Crappy Career

After the variety hour

I didn't think my career could get any worse

But it DID!

But remember, her hair is soft and easy to care for. Her skin is soft too.
Just how soft is her brain?


Monster A Go-Go said...

A "Sindy" doll? HA! How did I ever miss THAT!!?? As for the Variety Hour...I actually watched EVERY EPISODE (gasp!) of the show when it originally aired! (No, my mom was NOT punishing me. I watched it ON PURPOSE!!! Yes--that little blip of a Nielsen rating was ME!!! Ha!)

Bix Gomez said...

"Each piece is sold separately"

That is not cool.

"It has a real radio!"

Now THAT is cool!

Rotundra said...

Funny, I am wearing a baseball cap that says "Real Radio"!
That was my first radio job in LA. KLSX, turned into an all talk staion. Ken Ober and I had a show. We used to follow Howard Stern.
Enormously FUN!

Bix Gomez said...


Are you still doing radio?

Back to the subject at hand, the song on that commercial is infectious: "Sindy can be a friend; pretend she's your very own friend..."

I remember that commercial -- especially that low, wide-angle shot of the dining room set. At the time, I remember thinking, "is this what all the girls are doing, while us boys are out back playing with our Planet of the Apes action figures?"