Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Go Away Rachel Ray!!!

She's everywhere I turn!
All while I was sick with a terrible flu it seemed that whenever I opened my eyes, I saw Rachel Ray. I like the Food Channel but she's on it 24/7. I go to the book stores, she has at least 50 books. She has a talk show and even CDs. (No she's not singing. It's music to eat by.) I'm also a bit sick of this easy quick cooking crap that she endorses. There is way too much of this on the food channel. Take a can of beans and a can of Spaghetti-Os add Ritz crackers and call it "Goulash". I miss Julia Child!
Sure I'm jealous of all the money she's making, but there's such a thing as over saturation. She's also just annoyingly perky and cute. She has the same reaction to everything she tastes and EVERYTHING is great. Once, just ONCE, I'd like to see her bite into something and say "Eeew, this tastes like donkey ass!"
Now I go to the store and her face is on every box of crackers. I can not buy "Chicken in a Biscuit" because I don't want to open my pantry and find her THERE too! (Also because Chicken in a Biscuit tastes like donkey ass) Please, make it go away!

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Razberries said...

Ha! I haven't had "Chicken in a Biscuit" since college...and agreed on this post, 100%. I know this post is old, but at the time this was written, I was feeling the same way. I can't stand her terms, "EVOO" and how she says, "delish". Ick.