Thursday, October 26, 2006

Live Sex Acts!

I have been living a celibate life. Not really my choice, it has just turned out that way and I'm OK with it. Relationshits have turned me off so much I barely have ANY inclination. However, my household seems to be alive with sexual energy. Now the dog and cat are going at it...
I have a male cat (Ryan), but my female decided to go bigger.
I felt the need for proof that a tiny cat and a large dog will make the effort. I became quite the stylist, filming it in Sepia. This is Trevor and Tabitha in their acting debuts (Ryan, my troubled middle child, refuses to be part of a three way)

Here 'tis:

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Monster A Go-Go said...

Zowie! Someone hand me some Kleenex! Hee hee! TOO FUNNY!