Saturday, April 15, 2006

Future Youth

After being such a clever boy and clipping coupons, I decided to reward my child by letting him use some of the coupons he had clipped. Unfortunately for me, these were coupons for Chuck E. Cheese...THE gambling casino for ages 3+

And so we went. I enjoyed a not so gentle reminder of why I don't like crowds and experienced a slice of the pizza pie that is American society.

Being a bit of a Skeeball fan, I am rather appalled at the number of PARENTS that tell their children to just walk up the Skeeball ramp and STICK your ball in the 1000,00 point hole, score loads of tickets..wee!
There are no RULES, there is only the selfish need for your own gain.
I couldn't help but shout out to the little girl, loud enough for her white trash father to hear.."Isn't it FUN to cheat???"
Looking around, the future of humanity is looking sad and the future of this country is hopeless.

The folks that would make the best parents are either not having children or are responsible enough to not want to increase their numbers, they limit their offspring to one or two.
The ignorant will always breed like insects. Ignorance is not just limited to po folk and those who come from the South of a non existent border. While there has always been a correlation between the number of missing teeth and the number of offspring, their is also a relationship to how fundamentally religious one is. Again, ignorance is the key. So if the ignorant, irresponsible people are having the majority of our future citizens, how could life possibly get anything but worse?

People are not having families, they are shitting babies.
Every Turd is a demographic point.
Every turd a VOTE (even if you have to hold up a little chunk of turd and help it make a punch hole because this is too difficult for them)

Back to day to day...
My sister and I were waiting forever for somebody to let us turn into a parking place as they all whizzed by in the overcrowded parking lot, in our overcrowded suburb. Nobody has the time to pause to be courteous, nobody thinks that good will might start with THEM. NOBODY takes on that responsibility* They leave that to the next guy. Finally somebody gave us that courtesy; of course he had white hair. What Tom Brokaw called "The Greatest Generation" are a dying breed and are not being replaced. I will always miss them and I live among people who never knew them. They really missed out.


Anonymous said...

wow, you have a lot of hatred. I hope you realize its going to get worse before it gets better...

Rotundra said...

Absolutely. That is what saddens me. Do YOU realize how much worse it is going to get? Can we try to make things better?