Monday, April 17, 2006

No Me Gusta!

Tax deadline today. I REALLY resent giving money to a government that is selling our future to corporate America. I especially detest shelling money out to this State of California when my dollars are being spent on the people of another country. My son will see none of it but will inherit the problems that the new frontier will bring. He will IF we stay here, which I hope we don't. There is no future for a kid as lilly white as my son; no GOOD future. WE pay our taxes while our state goes bankrupt, buckling under the financial burden that is the illegal population.

NO, THEY DO NOT PROVIDE ANYTHING BENEFICIAL TO THE ECONOMY!!! Anybody with two IQ points to rub together can figure out the math on this! The drain to the state economy is enormous. Migrant workers are pretty much exploited and since their kids are given instant citizenship, they feel they should not have to do these hard labor jobs. We then need to import MORE migrant workers who understand the terrible life they are fleeing and really DO work their butts off. However, by the time their bodies are giving out due to the strenuous labor, they have learned how to get disability and other things that should never be made available to non US citizens. What other country is so stupid? Do you think you could get benefits in Mexico?

Don't tell me they do the jobs that we won't do! They have taken the jobs and done them so cheaply that they are no longer available to us. The average contractor who hires Americans can't compete with the bid that a contractor who hires illegals can make. The result is that more blue collar Americans get laid off to be replaced by illegals. The American can keep his job if he is willing to work at a rate that will make it necessary for him to live in a house with two other families...the American way of life takes a huge nose dive. Welcome to the third world, Mr. U.S. citizen. It's right in your backyard!
The middle class is becoming extinct.
What about our kids? I think every young person should work at least one shit job in their life but McDonalds won't even hire anybody who doesn't speak Spanish. (Funny how the same rule doesn't apply to speaking English - SO ass backwards - but I always knew that clown was evil)
Who really benefits from this situation? Big Business.
Who pays off our politicians? Big Business.
Who runs our country? Big Business.

Why is California bankrupt? Because the politicians have catered to corporate America and all parties are courting the hispanic vote with blind greed and no consideration for future generations. What is California's largest import? A third world lifestyle that we will ALL inherit . Don't think it affects you? You might feel very differently when you or a loved one are in an ambulence that is turned away by an overburdened hospital. We have lost 84 hospitals that have collapsed under the financial burden of caring for uninsured and undocumented people who crowd emergency rooms with non emergency illness as it is their only choice for helthcare. It's that, and the endless parade of women in labor. If you live in another state, don't believe that this is a far away problem, remember, California is a trend setter. What happens here, points to the future of the rest of the country. This place is too far gone, no hope here. Learn a lesson and SAVE your own state!!!

Manwhile, I have designed a new flag for the state that I hope to soon leave.


Anita said...

I hate that you're right, and that we may have to hit rock bottom or have a revolution before anyone figures anything out. You're such a Cassandra. =) However, should we not let anyone else in? None of us are natives - unless you're an Native American Indian, and we've stolen nearly everything from them. It just seems a bit hypocritical and unsolvable from all angles. I'm with you, though we're hoping to move to Spain when I finish Grad school. I think the only surefire way to avoid the mess is to get out.

Rotundra said...

I am DEFINITELY from Imigrants...we all are. This country was built on imigration, by the sweat of imigrants...IMIGRANTS not border hoppers! My Dad didn't speak English until he was five. My grandparents found that disturbing and allowed only English in their household. They were here to stay and very grateful for the opportunity.
This country used to use some sense with its imigration policies, allowing only so many and waiting to let the new ones assimilate before the next round.
Now, nobody assimilates. It really isn't about imigration, it is about exploiting cheap labor and how much our entire economy will suffer just so that business men who bankroll this country can profit.
Hey, there are countries harboring far more evil than Iraq. Why aren't we THERE being do-gooders?
No profit!
Oil People bought Bush his job. Since he was never ELECTED, he was hired specifically because he really is as dumb as wallpaper. He can do the bidding for the oil guys that work his marionette strings.

The MERKIN MAN said...

I rubbed and rubbed my THREE I.Q. points together for a long time after reading your post, and here is what I came up with:

1)I wanted to make the "so you are a Native American, right?" comment, but Anita beat me to it.

2)I appreciate your perspective, but I am not sure if I agree. I feel that if the people who have immigrated to this country illegally were given legal status, it would help level the playing field and create a larger tax base to support the public services these people use. This would make it harder for contractors to underpay foreign workers, and it would make immigrants more responsible to the laws of the country they chose to enter.

3)I agree with your criticism of big business and how the powers that be have allowed them to hold most of the cards in the deck. After Enron I am suprised this is as accepted as it is, but we all know how short the American memory is. I just never equated big business with the immigration issue. I guess most other people havn't either -- they still don't seem to be concerned that while gas prices are going through the roof, taking the price of everything else with it, the big oil companies are posting record profits.

4)I thought the flag was clever

Rotundra said...

Unfortunately giving amnsety is like saying that everybody who robbed a bank in the last three months gets off. NO. a crime is a crime but the perpetrators of this crime are not the people seeking a better life. It is our governmant for allowing them to break the law to do it.

Rotundra said...

Gee my spelling sucks! Sorry!