Monday, February 05, 2007

My Little Goth Boy

Michael entered the Guitar Hero contest and WON! Here are the disturbing pictures: He won this new guitar controller.


Anonymous said...

HEY hey what up this is mike nice blogs. i have not see u on tv latley . did u stop acting ?? you were good on the brady bunch

CheeseGrits said...

Hiya Lady Fluffer,
Ive been poking around in your blog something fierce. Kinda Sorta feel like Ive been peeking thru your lace things in your dresser drawers. Im just discovering the whole blogger thing so if my etiquette is a little south of acceptable, (tipping Atlanta BravesCap) A thousand Pardons M'lady.
I left a few lines under one of your other handles too. "Stuff" I think it was.
Couldnt help but snicker at your youngun and remember a time with my youngest stepson. Well officially he wasnt quite my stepson yet. Its Halloween and us three guys are dressing up like an alien invasion. The little green men variety. Im putting more makeup on the boy than any 10 Hammer Films when all of a sudden his eyes roll back and he plops down in my arms like a wet rag. AAaah! I start hollering for my soon to be wife and future ex-wife. Aaah! I killed your boy! I think I killed your boy! She comes in all calm cool and collected like I was talking about a geranium or something. Come to find out, he had a gazillion allergies and reactions and just woke right up. Anyway, that was my first of many panics going from a man of one, to a family of four. Better than an "E" ticket ride at DisnelyLand. My Oooh My!
Hope you pick up again soon on your blog. Cant help but be in your corner (In spirit at least) cheering for whatall you going thru. Seeya!