Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Roots (For My Nephew)

"...I am wronged. It is a shameful thing thatyou should mind these folks that are out oftheir wits."

This will never be made into a miniseries because it's about white people.
My nephew asked about our relative who "was a witch". Actually she was NOT a witch. OK like NOBODY that was killed in Salem was, but there are witches. I studied Wicca for a while until it looked as stupid as any other religion. Martha Carrier was accused of witchcraft because some say she had been tellng fortunes, some say she had been friendly with the Indians and had learned some pain killing procedures and such and Cotton Mathers who was the grand poobah of their village did not like that. He was a doctor so I'm sure he felt threatened. Most say that she was a very outspoken woman who despised hypocrisy (a family trait no doubt). She and her husband had an interesting story and I'd really like to make it into a movie one day but there have been so many about the Salem Witch hunts. The worst bit about her trial was that the church got her children to testify against her. They told the of how she would dance in the moonlight and turn into a cat. Imagine her feelings of betrayal! According to Aunt Connie who was writing about this (If you've seen photos of the reunion, Aunt Connie is the 80+ year old wearing the Sweat shirt that says "Every body Feng Shui Tonight") the children were told that they were going to be in a play and were rehearsed for their roles. They had no idea they were sending their mother to the gallows with their testimony. Older children were tortured until they confessed and immediately retracted their confessions but it was too late. (Do you see why Auntie Fluff avoids churches?) Marttha remained indignant. She neve confesd (confession did save lives) One man refused to stand tial and so he was pressd to death. It took him a few days to die right out in public view, stones being added daily.


Betty_Pipetti said...

That's amazing that your relatives kept the story alive all those years. I have always wondered if the legend of grain fungus making people trip all paranoid was part of the witch thing. But i think a lot of it was, as in the spanish inquisition days, as you mentioned, people like established doctors feeling threatened by those who did alternative healing and were not racist toward the other tribes. Mathers had his own kind of Patriot-Act insanity going on and our country not past it today. Talk about roots!

Okay done preaching now. I'm so slow from the subzero temps in madison it took me a long time to figure out who Floofie was in geri's chatbox.

Cheers to you Auntie Fluff,
Uncle Betty

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan, you know all kinds of historical things. Let me ask you because I'm pissed off this morning.
How come there's all kinds of granular crumbs all over English Muffins? What would happen to English Muffins if they didn't make a huge mess before you get them in the toaster that's so bad that they have to put that crap all over them?
And how can you tell if an Englishman is gay?

I will be awaiting your response I suppose.

Best regards,
Dave H.
Barefoot Bay